Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Number Eighty-five

The sunhat.  To begin with, I am a poster-child for skin cancer and yes, I own several sun hats.  But beyond that, I own several sun hats because like everything else, I'm obsessed with cute hats and I use my fair skin as an excuse to purchase them.  (I need to be more careful about divulging my secrets because some of this may get back to my husband and my gig may be up.)  Anyway...I do love a cute straw hat and like most everything else, you have to find the right one and WEAR IT!!

Here's a dirty little secret - I hate to primp and preen - hate it!  Therefore, on the weekend I do whatever I can to keep from spending 30 minutes of my precious time in front of a damn mirror fixing my hair and makeup.  Most people can wake up and their hair shows some sort of resemblance to their day to day hairstyle; I am not one of those people.  I wake up and have to find my hair and put it back on my head.  I don't know what I do when I sleep, but apparently may hair has a hell of party because it looks nothing like it normally does.  Herein lies the beauty of owning hats.  

Normally I would wear a baseball hat on the weekend or leave my hair au naturale (clean but curly and on my head).  Recently however, I have decided to wear one of my sun hats instead.  They are more chic, stylish and purposeful during these hot summer months.  On my first outing with one of my sun hats, I asked my friend Linda if she was embarrassed to be seen with me.  She kindly replied, "No!" and off we went shopping.  As usual, I saw the glances from the small town heros but went on about my business and felt good about my stylish choice for concealing my weekend hair.   Then, on the drive home, I saw one of the town's "crazy" ladies and guess what, she had on a sun hat very similar to mine.  I just had to laugh.  It didn't deter me from wearing my sunhat.  As a matter of fact, the following weekend, I ran into an administrator from the college who commented that she was jealous of my hat.

There are few things greater than wearing a nice straw sunhat with a large brim that shades the sun from my already very freckled face.  I own many and the only problem is deciding which one to wear.  Although, I am a little less excited about the hat that is similar to the town's crazy lady.  I'm kidding!  EVERYONE, even those a little less fortunate, should show some style.

Number eighty-five - the sunhat.  Thirty-four down - sixty-six to go.

Kim Catrtall in Sex and The City - The Movie.
Now THAT is a S U N H A T!
I love it!