Monday, July 5, 2010


Yes, I've been gone awhile.  Not that anyone noticed.  Okay, a few of you noticed.  Don't think I've stopped obsessing about The One Hundred, quite the contrary.  In fact, summer is making me obsess about these items more and more.  Summer either fortunately or unfortunately is busy; gardens, vacations, family, long days and cool evenings spent sitting outside talking and enjoying the air.  Excuses not withstanding, I thought before I return to my individual scrutiny, inquiry or exploration of each item, I would present an update on a few acquisitions I've made over the last few weeks.

iPod - I don't know what I was thinking, but I purchased a Mac computer because Apple had a special for educators and if you purchased a Mac, you received a "free" iPod touch.  As my brother-in-law Dale pointed out, I received nothing "free" that day.  Nonetheless, I have a new iPod touch and yes, I love it-more than my dinosaur classic iPod.

Man's White Shirt - Yes! Yes! Yes!  I found it and it is wonderful.  Just what I was looking for - nice fit, good collar, not too thin, not too thick, nice sleeve length - it's just perfect. I found it at Target so it was steal.  I have my eye on them so when they go on clearance, I'll get another just for safe keeping.  I crowning moment for me was when my daughter saw me wearing my white shirt and khaki pants (I'll get to those in a minute) and said, "Look at you.  You look so crisp and cute."

Khakis - Remember the two pairs I purchased, I've actually washed them and worn them and they still fit.  Wow!  The universe must be in complete and total alignment.  I'm not complaining.

Striped Sailor Shirt - I finally gave up on finding the Armor Lux version and broke down and purchased the shirt from L.L. Bean.  I went with the cream background and blue stripe thinking the horizontal stripe would be less obvious.  The shirt arrived and honestly, it was more like a sweater.  The shirt was actually a little large, but thanks to husband, it shrunk and fits great.  I love it so much, I went back and purchased the navy shirt with the white stripe and don't really care about the horizontal stripes.  I'm still hoping to find the Armor Lux version, but for now, the L.L. Bean version works just great.  As a side note, I was watching Coco Before Chanel and in the movie, she goes to the beach with her lover and sees french sailors pulling in their fishing nets.  Next scene, Gabrielle Chanel is wearing the iconic french sailor shirt.  Made me love the shirt even more.

Jewelry Pouch - I know, I know, I already own several but...I found this great red leather pouch at a used clothing store and I couldn't pass it up.

Old Concert T-Shirt - Still don't have one.  I look and look but again, I just don't think it's right to own one unless you actually attended the concert.  Perhaps that means a concert is in my future - hmmmm...

That pretty much sums up my recent purchases and yes, obsessions. Did I really need another jewelry pouch, a new iPod and 2 French Sailor shirts?  I've been fortunate in the last few weeks that I've had the opportunity to take a few trips and visit some unique places in search for some items in The One Hundred.  I still have a many items to acquire, or not and I'm thinking that when all of this is said and done, I'll have to take a second job, or not.  Stay tuned, there's still sixty-seven items left.


Anonymous said...

I've been impatiently waiting for you to return to The 100. I think I've mentioned that you'd been away too long at least twice. Glad you're back at it so I can continue to vicariously shop through you. I don't even have to leave the house and still feel like we've been out discovering these things together. It's not as great as the REAL thing but it's definitely the next best thing. Welcome Back Sista!

Michelle Meeks said...

I'm back. It's harder than I thought to find time to write each day but I'm going to do my best.