Sunday, June 13, 2010

Number Seventy-five

Summer is almost officially here and with that comes sandals.  I have to laugh at Nina when she makes the statement, "Every woman must own at least 2 pairs of sandals, one for day and one for night."  Nina honey, I own a sandal for every day, every night, every outfit, and every activity.  Two pairs? I scoff that idea - 20 pairs is more like it.

In most of The One Hundred items, Ms. Garcia lists a 'closest obsession'.  In the sandal category she references Jack Rogers Navajo Sandals.  I had never heard of Jack Rogers or his Navajo sandals and as you know by now, I immediately did a Google search and found the sandals.  With that first Google search I also discovered that Jackie Kennedy wore Navajo sandals and thus my obsession began.  The sandals are pricey ($100 and up) so I began looking on eBay.  There are many pairs available on eBay but a used pair sells for just about the same price as a new pair.  So I decided on one of my recent trips to the big city I would just treat myself to a new pair.

You can only buy Jack Rogers sandals at upscale stores so with my sisters' blessing, we head out to Nordstroms.  No luck.  (Here's a secret, the salesman at Nordstroms had no idea what I was talking about.  Shame on him!!!)  On a second trip, to the big city, my sister Brenda had called Saks to see if they had the sandals and we were in luck.  Well...I thought we were in luck.

Have you ever thought about something so much and then when you finally get it, it is the biggest disappointment?  Well, the Jack Rogers Navajo sandals was that experience.  I don't know what it was, but they just were not "all that".  I saved myself $100 and was able to treat my sisters to a trip to the cosmetics counter.  Since then, I've purchased two different pairs of sandals to bring my grand total to...oh whose counting.  And, a little secret, I still look on eBay everyday for Jack Rogers just in case a great deal comes around.

Sandals are wonderful.  They just make your feet so pretty and sexy.  Nina says and I have to agree 150%, sandals must fit, and your feet MUST be pedicured - MUST, MUST, MUST.  But for the love of God, have more than 2 pairs.  Geez, you need at least 5 pairs of Havaiana flip-flops for one season.

Number seventy-five - sandals.  Thirty-three down - sixty-seven to go.