Monday, June 7, 2010

The Obsession

I thought maybe writing about my obsession with The One Hundred might help stifle some of my shopping but as we all know, it's made it worse.  Not only am I obsessed with getting most of the items in The One Hundred, I'm starting to watch movies and see what items the actors have and how they have them put together.

Tonight, for example, as I was flipping through channels on the boob-tube, I saw Sex and the City (The Movie) was on.  I've only seen it 10 or 15 times and yet I was compelled, once again, to push the yellow button on the remote and join the ladies in a 2 hour fantasy about love, infidelity, friendship, letting go, forgiveness, fashion and New York City. As I was watched, I noticed several items in The One Hundred.  Items that I of course don't own, will never be able to afford and will never look good in. (At least not as good as they do.)  Nonetheless, in one scene, Carrie Bradshaw is watching a movie in her pajamas and pearls with a fur wrap.  The thought of wearing pearls, with your pajamas, and a fur wrap (yes fur) overcame me and I began to re-think not only my stand on fur but my stand on wearing pearls with pajamas.  I'm serious.  For a brief moment I almost got up and put my pearls on AND, I'm contemplating looking for a faux fur wrap that I could wear while watching old movies this winter.

Another movie that makes me long for fashion items is Giant.  Giant is in my list of top ten favorite movies.  I own it and if it's on, I stop everything and watch it - all 3 and half hours of it.  I love the movie as a whole, but I also love the fashion.  Each time I watch it I notice some item I must have; the turquoise bracelet that Lutz (the youngest daughter of Rock Hudson and Elizabeth Taylor) wears in one scene is my most recent obsession.  I look for it in every jewelry counter I come by.

I think it's time to admit, that my obsession is a bit more than an obsession.

Nonetheless, a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.  Recreate a look from a corny chick flick, seek out items worn by long lost movie stars, obsess over books that tell you what you should own in order to be stylish and last, but not least, shop.  You never know, in my so called obsession, I just might find the perfect man's white shirt and just like Carrie Bradshaw, wearing my pearls with my p.j.'s might make me feel a little less lonely