Thursday, June 10, 2010

Number Forty-four

On paper it seems so simple, but in reality, at least for me, khaki pants are the holy grail of fashion items. Pants of any kind are difficult for me but there's something especially difficult about khakis.  I dream about the perfect khakis.  I would estimate that I've tried on hundreds of pairs...since April; and bought only 3 pairs.  Am I happy with my purchases?  Well, two of the pairs I purchased were today so the jury's still out.  As an FYI, if I find a pair of pants that fits me, I buy them in every color.  I use this same philosophy when it comes to bras and jeans.

Here's a story about one pair of khakis I purchased a few months ago.  I had made the decision that instead of trying to buy a pair of pants on sale and then give them to Goodwill 6 months later because they didn't fit, I would buy a pair of full-price pants.  That's a big deal for me - seriously.  So, off I go.  I literally tried on 12 pairs of khakis.  I finally found a pair, purchased them, washed them,had them hemmed, had them hemmed a second time (I have no idea what that was about), washed them again, was so excited that I could finally wear them and guess what, they were too big.  Somewhere between the time I tried them on to the time I finally got to wear them I must have gained a pound or lost a pound and now the pants don't fit.  Story of my damn life.  Pants are either too big or too little and I ALWAYS have to have them hemmed.  I've even spent $40 to have waistbands altered because the crotch of the pants falls to my knees.   Now that I've written this, I'm thinking price doesn't have anything to do with the pants not fitting.  Anyway...

Needless to say, I have khakis - one pair is too big and the other two that I purchased today will probably go through some mystery makeover between now and the time that I actually wear them.   I guess I figure if I get to wear them once before the pants take on a life of their own and transform into a different size and length, then I've gotten my money's worth.   I do love them though and will always seek out the perfect pair - especially in summer with a nice white t-shirt and cute sandals.

Number Forty-four - khakis.  Thirty-one down, sixty-nine to go.