Saturday, June 12, 2010

Number Thirteen

The brooch.  (Does it rhyme with roach or hooch?)  Nina sums it up, "The brooch is often associated with grandma."  But wait, is it?  Well, it was before I started reading this dang book.  Oh yeah, and the CBS Sunday Morning segment on Madeline Albright's pin collection.  (You MUST check this out.  I would give just about anything for the bee brooch.  Okay, I'm rambling because really, these two things really have given me an appreciation for brooches and not in a grandmother sort of way.

Actually, long before I read The One Hundred I had collected a brooch or two.  I found a beautiful yellow daisy in a thrift store that reminded me of a pin that my mother or one of my sisters had so I bought it.  Never wore it, but it was in my jewelry box.  In fact, just a few weeks ago, I gave that pin to my sister Charlene because it matched an outfit she had purchased beautifully.  In another shopping trip to a thrift store, I found a gorgeous black and white flower pin for a mere four dollars that can be worn with several outfits.  (ALWAYS, and I mean ALWAYS look in the jewelry cases at thrift stores!  There are gems - literally and figuratively - in them.)  I digress...

In The One Hundred there is an adorable drawing (the drawings in the book are absolutely charming) of a girl wearing a white t-shirt and a BIG brooch.  I've envied this drawing from the first time I opened the book.  Well today I set out to get a new haircut and I wanted to look my best in case my hairstyle failed horribly.  So...I put on my make-up, red lipstick, white t-shirt, and a whimsical, blue rhinestone, starfish brooch.  I felt so good I really didn't care how my hair turned out.  Guess what, I received two compliments on the brooch - a couple on the hair too, but the brooch is the moral of the story.

As Nina says, brooches are not just for grandma, winter coats and blazer lapels.  I concur.  They are fun, and can be worn with just about anything and again, as Nina says, can be worn in your hair, on a handbag, or and evening gown.

Like so many other things, you have to just do it.  Just pin that brooch of grandma's on and walk out the door.  Trust me, you'll get a compliment or two and you'll probably also help someone with a trip down memory lane.

Number thirteen - brooch.  Thirty-two down - sixty-eight to go.


Anonymous said...

While again wasting time waiting for something good to come on the TV I turned to QVC to perhaps entertain me. To my surprise I found myself tempted to purchase a very unexpected item...a brooch. It was a Nolan Miller classic etched silver bow covered in multiple sized pave diamonds with white edges of each curve of the bow. Such a lovely piece that would go with so many things. The sales rep from NM was talking of all the different ways to wear this piece (two in the upsweep of a brides hairstyle, on the joint of a summer dress with slim straps to give the appearance that the strap is tied with the bow, that LBD to make it even more special of an occasion and with jeans). Of course I couldn't afford the piece but it gave me a moment of joy to behold it and I would have previously just changed the channel without another thought without having experienced The 100 and your blog. Thanks for opening my eyes to possiblities. Brenda