Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Number Forty-eight

LBD - Little Black Dress.  Oh how I wish I could say I owned one.  Ms. Garcia writes in The One Hundred that Mme Chanel should be credited with the LBD and I couldn't agree more.  When I think of it, I think only of Mme Chanel.  Ms. Garcia also shares a quote Mme Chanel made to rival designer Elsa Schiaparelli   "Scheherazade is easy."  Mme Chanel said, "The little black dress is hard."  This is the exact reason why I do not own one.

One of Mme Chanel's Little Black Dresses from 1926

First, I'm not little and the thought of a little dress is frightening.  Not that the little black dress has to be little, but just for kicks, go out some day and try to find a black dress that isn't.  In fact, black dresses are either little or matronly and in most cases they are sleeveless and that I just can't do.  (Sleeveless is right up there with me owning a bikini.)

I do long for the perfect little black dress because it would just be so great to have that one dress that you knew you could always wear in numerous situations.  It's an item that really has nothing to do with fashion, but has everything to do with class.  In my opinion, the little black dress should be about class and not about fashion.  It should be timeless.  It should also serve many purposes - the business meeting, dinner and dancing, a first date, cocktail party, and yes a funeral.  Ms. Garcia, as usual, does an excellent job explaining how accessories can change the look and as usual, I couldn't agree more.

Now that I've written it all down, Mme Chanel was exactly right, "The little black dress is hard."

So, in light of the difficult task ahead,  I make this vow.  (I'm raising my right hand and placing it on the July issue of Vogue).  I solemnly swear that I will not give up my search for the perfect little black dress. I won't schedule a shopping day to purchase the little black dress but rather will keep my eyes open always for the perfect dress.  I will use Mme Chanel as a guide for my decision.

Number forty-eight - The Little Black Dress.  Thirty-five down, sixty-four to go.

Another Chanel little black dress from 1927.

Mme Chanel herself in what else, a little black dress.

Post-script - Nina Garcia refers to Chanel often in The One Hundred.  When referencing her in her writing about the little black dress, she addresses her as Mademoiselle.  This indicates to me that the little black dress is so important that the person credited with inventing it deserves the utmost respect.  I could not agree more.  Thank you Mme Chanel for EVERYTHING!