Friday, July 9, 2010

Number Forty-nine

LWD - Little White Dress.  Believe it or not, I actually own 3 little white dresses. S L E E V E L E S S little white dresses.  It's true!  How this happened, I do not know.  Sleeveless and little!  Who would have guessed.  Here's another shocker, I actually wear these dresses.  Let me clarify, I wear them with a jacket or shrug.  (Okay, I plan on wearing one to an outdoor musical festival and have no intention of wearing a jacket.  I'm just gonna let those flabby arms fly!)

Unlike the little black dress, the little white dress in my opinion is much more casual and can only be worn during certain times of the year.  Nina says that the white after Labor Day rule is malarkey but I disagree.  My disagreement with her is that it's not necessarily about the color, but about the dress.  My experience has been a little white dress is summer not fall or winter (spring is questionable).  Granted, I have seen beautiful white jersey dresses that would be okay anytime of the year, but in my mind, that is not the quintessential little white dress.  My definition of a LWD is cotton, sleeveless or short sleeves, perhaps some eyelet, short and breezy -  in essence, simple.

It seems difficult to express excitement about a simple white dress and yet when I see one, I do get excited - thus the reason I own three.  I think it's because the LWD is plain and doesn't really need anything other than a hot summer day as an accessory. Bring on the heat wave cause I've got three dresses that need to get some wear before labor day.

Number forty-nine, the little white dress.  Thirty-six down - sixty-four to go.