Sunday, July 11, 2010

Number Twenty-nine

"The ultimate summer shoe." says Nina.  Espadrilles. I've longed for espadrilles since I started reading The Preppy Handbook in high school.  I had never really found the right pair until recently and as per usual, I now own 2 pair and am considering purchasing...well, more.  Actually, espadrilles were one of the first purchases I made when I started reading The One Hundred.  I've loved them for so long and yet I've never found the perfect pair.

I've learned from Nina that espadrilles have a long, long history. In fact, espadrilles go back to the 1400's.  It is a shoe that is traditionally worn by peasants and fisherman and are traditionally made in Portugal and Spain.

Being the snob that I am, I began to seek out Castaner espadrilles.  The Castaner shoe company has been making espadrilles in Spain since 1776.  Apparently, the company was on the brink of closing its doors until Yves Saint Laurent commissioned them to create a high heel version of the shoe.  (I'm so glad he did.)  However, I did not want a high heel version,  well, I did/do, but first, I wanted a flat version and I
wanted only Castaner.  I found them on e-bay, of course, for a very reasonable price and guess what?  Most uncomfortable pair of flats I've ever owned in my life!  Seriously, I have to wear mole skin on my heels every time I put them on but by george, I own a pair of Castaner espadrilles.

My second pair of espadrilles is essentially the same as the first.  I found an adorable pair of espadrilles, made in Spain of course, with a very cute flower and I just had to have them.  I wore them once, received a ton of compliments, and went home at lunch and put on moleskin.  (I know, I could have changed shoes, but vanity wins almost always.)

So, as you now know, I'm seeking more espadrilles because I'm seeking a comfortable pair.  I know they exist, people have been wearing them for centuries.  Maybe I need to buy these Christian Louboutin's for a mere $290 to get comfort.  (Actually, there's a great pair of knockoffs at Target for $20 that I'll try.)  I'll keep you posted.
Number twenty-nine - espadrilles.  Thirty-seven down, sixty-three to go.