Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Number Twenty-seven

Diamonds are a girls best friend.  Specifically for number twenty-seven, it's diamond studs.  Yes, I am very, very, fortunate and do own beautiful diamond studs.  They were a gift from my husband.  He brought them back from a business trip to Africa for our first wedding anniversary almost 14 years ago.  I love them, wear them almost everyday, and have made it known that should something happen to me, they go to my youngest step-daughter (my wedding ring goes to my eldest).  They are, quite simply, one of my most treasured possessions.

All of that being said, I will never buy or accept another diamond.  You see, the term "blood diamond" is a reality.  My husband worked in the mining industry for 25 years.  He has visited the diamond mines owned and operated by the De Beers Family in South Africa and knows not only the geology of the diamond industry, but also knows the politics of the diamond industry.  I've quoted him in another post as saying, "Turquoise is more precious than diamonds." and I'll add, less bloody.

When we had decided to get married, I, like the majority of young, naive, American girls wanted and demanded a diamond engagement ring.  He begged me choose another gem - something that was actually rare but no, I had to have a diamond.  He obliged.  I also thought it was so "cool" that he traveled to Africa that each time he went, I asked for more diamonds and each time, he would say, "If you only knew."  However, he once again obliged and gave me my earrings.

It was the flu and Leonardo DiCaprio that finally convinced me.  Three years ago, Bernie and I had gone to a family members wedding in Phoenix and both of us had the flu.  We were literally stuck in the hotel room and decided we would rent Blood Diamond.  I could hardly watch the movie and when it was over, I told Bernie I had no idea.  He said, "Oh yes you did."  "I've been trying to tell you for years that the diamond business is ugly and diamonds are NOT rare but like most American women, you want to believe otherwise."  From that moment on, I decided that diamonds were not a girls best friend and I would never long for them again.

I'm not suggesting that anyone get rid of their diamonds.  I am however, suggesting that you think twice before buying another diamond, especially one from Africa.  And, if you have never seen Blood Diamond, rent it, but be prepared; it is a tough, tough movie to watch and unfortunately, fairly accurate.  (For what it's worth, DiCaprio gives an amazing performance and absolutely nails the accent.)

So Ms. Garcia, you are correct, diamond studs are stylish and as you suggest, fake diamonds are just fine.  If you don't have any, get yourself some fakes.  If you have real diamonds, of course keep them and treasure them and I can't say this enough, think twice before you purchase more.

Number twenty-seven - diamond studs.  Thirty-eight down, sixty-two to go.