Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Number Eighty-seven

The turquoise and coral necklace.  I have lived in the southwest my entire life and have seen artists use turquoise and coral in just about every way possible.  Seriously, I've seen NFL logos made out of turquoise.  I've also been blessed to see the creations of local artists who travel from office to office with trays of  turquoise jewelry that has been crafted in their homes.  While it has only been in the last two or three years that I've actually owned a turquoise or coral necklace, I have a great appreciation for it as a fashion item.

My husband is partially responsible for my recent desire to own turquoise.  He has over the past 20 years traveled all over the world with the mining industry.  He has seen first hand how destructive the semi-precious stone industry is (especially the diamond industry) and has also reported that, "Turquoise is more rare than diamonds."  In addition, he has purchased several beautiful turquoise pieces for me and encourages me to buy pieces myself. (What woman wouldn't love that as an excuse to buy jewelry?)  He loves it and I have learned to love wearing it.

My most recent purchase was a bamboo coral necklace in the most stunning red I've ever seen.  A young man came by my office one morning with a large tray of handcrafted jewelry.  I saw the necklace and dipped right into the mad money; it was a whole $35 and included matching earrings. While the necklace is stunning, it will never compare to the turquoise and coral jewelry I see in my community.  Furthermore, when it comes to stylish women wearing turquoise and coral, any elder Native American woman wins, hands down.  Their velvet skirts and blouses adorned with turquoise, silver and coral necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets, and brooches is simply beautiful.

I love my new found appreciation for bold jewelry - especially turquoise and coral.  I've realized it goes with everything from a nice dress to khakis and a t-shirt.  I also love that I get to purchase it from real artists in my community.

Number eighty-seven - The Turquoise or Coral Necklace.  You most definitely need to find the one for you.  Seventeen down - eighty-three to go.


Ohen49 said...

One of the great things about living in the southwest is the incredible jewelery. I have a few pieces that I love some of which I have purchased and some that have been given to me as gifts but all the turquoise and coral jewelery I have I love and wear proudly as a New Mexico resident.