Monday, May 24, 2010

Number Fifty-three

The man's white shirt.  Nothing, absolutely nothing is sexier to me than a man in a crisp white shirt (button down collar is most preferable).  A woman in a crisp white shirt is just about as sexy.  Ms. Garcia says this really needs to be a man's shirt or a really good version of a man's shirt made for women.  I think she makes an excellent point; however, I've never been lucky enough to find either.  If I wear a man's white shirt, it looks like I'm wearing a man's shirt.  There is nothing sexy or chic about it.  If I have a woman's white shirt, it looks like a woman's shirt.  But...I'm always on the search for a great white shirt.

Like the plain white t-shirt, I own several white shirts - they just aren't a man's white shirt.  I get the idea Nina is stressing.  She notes, "It quietly whispers morning after dressing which may or may not be the case."  I get that.  I get how great it is to look like you couldn't figure out what to wear so you grabbed your significant others classic shirt.  The problem for me personally is that when I do wear my husbands shirt, I give off the vibe of a slob rather than the uber chic, "I'm so cool." vibe.

Like other items in The One Hundred, I'm going to try and seek out the perfect man's white shirt because I think I can find the perfect shirt and have that, "What was I just doing?" or "I'm so chic I can wear a man's shirt." look.

Regardless of the look or ambiance you're trying to project, try and find a great white shirt and just as Nina says, try and stay to look of a man's shirt.  It's great with jeans, khakis, shorts, a denim skirt or with an evening gown.  (Nina reminded me of Sharon Stone at the Academy Awards with her husbands white shirt and a gown.)

Number Fifty-three - the Man's White Shirt.  Twenty-six down, seventy-four to go.