Sunday, May 16, 2010

Number Nine

The Blackberry...the original "smart phone" that revolutionized phones.  (In my opinion, previous phones were dumb - I'm serious.)  I'm going to take some liberties here and say that any "smart phone" would do.  (The One Hundred was published in 2008 and I would venture to guess that Ms. Garcia has a iPhone instead of a Blackberry these days.)

I agree completely that every stylish woman should have some sort of smart phone.  I have a T-Mobile Dash that is almost 2 years old and is considered a dinosaur.  Nonetheless, I can not live without it.  I literally get jittery if it's not in my sight.  I never go to bed without checking my phone and the first thing I do when I wake up in the morning is check my phone.

Other things I do with my phone is exactly what Nina says - I check eBay and I get notices about items (yes, The One Hundred items) I'm bidding on or watching.  I also keep in contact with family and friends AND I get a great deal of work done which actually leaves me more time

In all seriousness, there are several items I will replace the second it no longer works and a smart phone is one of those items.  I love it and it makes my life easier.  Change your contract and embrace Number Nine - the Blackberry (or any smart phone). Twenty-two down - seventy-eight to go.