Saturday, May 1, 2010

Number Sixteen

It's May 1st and today was my lucky day because I was able to wear my Camel Coat. (Can you sense the sarcasm?) Actually, I chose to wear my red wool coat instead of my camel coat because my camel coat is full length and that just seemed...well it just pissed me off to have to wear any winter coat on May 1st so I opted for my short wool coat.

Now that I'm done complaining and ranting, the Camel Coat really is a very necessary item for any stylish woman.  I do own one and I love it.  It's not real camel hair because I'm not a millionaire, but it is made of 100% wool and I bought it at Target for $11.98 three years ago - no joke.

You wouldn't really think that something like a Camel Coat could make you feel stylish, but it does.  As Ms. Garcia points out, you can wear it with jeans and feel dressed up.  But the real reason why I love it, it doesn't show dog hair as bad as a black coat - I'm serious. I would love to own a real camel hair coat and I'll keep my eye out for one - perhaps at a vintage store or end of the season sale but for now, my $11.98 Target coat works just fine for the sake of style.

The Camel Coat is one of several things in The One Hundred that is just so basic and simple.  Most people need a nice, warm coat for the winter so why not have the Camel Coat.  It fills a need while being stylish and affordable. Being stylish isn't always about buying something expensive.

Don't feel bad because my Camel Coat was shunned today; in the winter (May is NOT winter), I wear it often and feel fabulous.  Number sixteen - The Camel Coat. Fourteen down, eighty-six to go.