Friday, April 30, 2010

Number Forty-three

I am very fortunate in that I work with women who are BOLD with their jewelry.  I'm slowly coming into the idea of wearing earrings that actually hang down or a necklace other than pearls.  Today I needed to borrow some of their boldest pieces for a costume.  They were so excited to share and I was so excited to play dress-up, but I was appalled when they broke out their beautiful jewelry in ziploc bags.

Jewelry pouches ladies, where are your jewelry pouches?  They both said they had them, but this was their "junk" or costume jewelry purchased from second-hand stores, or the dollar store.  Costume jewelry ladies - invented by the one and only Coco Chanel - NEVER be embarrassed to have lots and lots of costume jewelry but please, for the love of God, put it in a proper jewelry pouch.

Nina makes a great point that even Crown Royale bags serve as great jewelry pouches.  They are certainly better than ziploc bags. (By the way, I've chastised my daughters for using ziploc bags as jewelry pouches.)

Here's the deal, any jewelry you have should be treated with respect.  Those one dollar earrings may be the perfect thing that cheers you up and if they break, not only are you sad, but you can't replace them.  When you travel, keep your favorite jewelry items in a more appropriate bag.  A little hint, the dollar store sells jewelry pouches too so next time you're looking for those great chandelier earrings, look for a little pouch to keep them in.  You won't be sorry.

Number forty-three - jewelry pouches.  Thirteen down, eighty-seven to go.