Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Number Thirty-Seven

Ahhhh....flip-flops - a ritual of spring and summer.  But not everything in The One Hundred is so general; some items are very specific and for good reason.  Number Thirty-seven - Havaianas (click here for a very sexy  pronunciation  Basically, Havaianas are flip-flops from Brazil.  I had heard of Havaianas previous to reading The One Hundred but hadn't given them much thought. Flip-flops are all the same right?  No!  These are the most comfortable flip-flops you'll ever own and they are CUTE, CUTE, CUTE!  The other good thing about Havaianas is they are affordable. (Ross, $7.99) Trust me, most things in The One Hundred are not.

I openly admit that my initial motivation to seek out these special flip-flops was simply because Nina Garcia said they were great.  After a couple of Google searches I discovered that Brazil has some of the best rubber in the world.  Havaianas are not only made with Brazilian rubber, they have a special imprint that keeps any designs from fading AND they guarantee to always be odorless.  According to Nina, tourists have been bringing back Havaianas to the United States and Europe for years to re-sale in chic beach boutiques.  I love a good capitalistic opportunity, but up until recently, my husband frequently traveled to Brazil and I could have had my own little Havaiana business.  Damn!  And, while I love a good deal  I would have loved a pair from Brazil.

Oh well...I have the Havaianas (all 4 pair) and I LOVE them.  Seek them out, you will not be disappointed.  And remember, make sure they fit.  Just because it is a flip-flop, it still needs to look good.  No toe or heel hangover and pedicures PLEASE!

Number Thirty-Seven - Havaianas.  Three down, ninety-seven to go.


Ohen49 said...

Whether you call them "havaianas" or "flip flops" I blame them for the condition my feet are in currently. I wore flip flops exclusively throughout the 60's when a pair cost 39 cents at the TG&Y store on St. Pete Beach. I loved them back then but loath them now no ankle or arch support and two big bunions to show for all those years of hanging ten. No Thanks Nina, I'll stick with a well made pair of sandals for my summer wear and leave the flip flops for those unsuspecting young feet wearing them these days... proof that in fashion as well as everything else what goes around comes around.