Thursday, April 29, 2010

Number Seventy

The push-up bra.  I don't own one because I don't need one. But...that doesn't mean I don't have a funny story about one.  There was time when Victoria's Secret only catered to women who wore bras sized 32A - 36C.  It was before plastic surgery and most women had to "settle" with what they were born with.  One answer to this was The Miracle Bra.  It is to this day the ultimate push-up bra.

I very badly wanted to wear those pretty lacy bras sold at Victoria's Secret and would often stop in one hoping they would eventually realize some women wore bigger size bras than a 34B.  On one of my many excursions to Victoria's Secret, The Miracle Bra had become one of their new lines.  The sales lady asked if I needed help and I asked if she had any bras in my size.  She responded with, "Yes, we have The Miracle Bra."  My reply, "These are pretty miraculous all on their own."

Number seventy - the push up bra.  Twelve down, eighty-eight to go.


Ohen49 said...

The push up bra, one of the fashion one hundred? Nina must not be very well endowed. Don't need one, have never owned one, never will!

Michelle Meeks said...

When you have your very own miracles...who needs a push-up. Besides, I wouldn't be able to see over mine if they were pushed up.