Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Number Fifteen

A caftan?  No way!  Nina is joking.  A caftan in The One Hundred?  I just can't believe it!  Nina herself makes a reference to Mrs. Roper so how can this be true?  I've been making fun of my friend Jan for years for wearing a caftan.  She even went so far as to take her favorite, threadbare caftan apart so she could create a pattern and make a new one.  Jan asked me if I wanted her to make me a caftan and I laughed and said, "Maybe when I'm 60."

So here I am, faced with the thought of not just purchasing, but actually wearing a caftan.  I go back and re-read number fifteen to see if there is any redeeming quality about having a caftan.  Nina points out that the caftan is " unapologetically anti-fashion that it has... become one of the most fashionable items".   That statement and a reference to the iconic Diana Vreeland made me think I should give the caftan a try.  Much to my surprise, my initial Ebay search produced an array of caftans; authentic ethnic caftans, funky tie-dye caftans, short caftans, long caftans, silk caftans, and yes U-G-L-Y caftans ala Mrs. Roper.  One caftan caught my eye - a beautiful pink batik caftan with gold accents.  Could this be true?  Had I actually found a caftan?  Could I actually purchase such a thing?  Would I wear it?  Yes! Yes! Yes! and YES!

I was really excited when the caftan arrived.  I tried it on for "the girls" at work and I felt comfortable and chic!  Yes, chic!  I've never felt chic in my life but this did it.  I wanted to run home, make a martini and stroll around in my caftan.   I even called Jan and said, "Guess what?  I'm wearing a caftan."  Jan laughed and said "Welcome to the club!"  So glad I decided to join.  I love, love, love my caftan.  It's comfortable and I can't say it enough, makes me feel so very, very chic.  I'm sure I will own many in the years to come.  As a matter of fact, I've already began thinking about having Jan make a pattern so I can have one for all seasons.

You win Nina!  The caftan is a must for any stylish woman - even if she's not 60.  Four down and ninety-six to go.

The Iconic Diana Vreeland in her caftan.


Ohen49 said...

Well hey I am 60 and I do not have a caftan. An Anne Kline poncho yes, that I wear around the house when I'm cold but a After looking at the photo of the iconic Diana Vreeland I guess I'm not exactly sure what a caftan actually is, in the photo it looks like a long coat like garment so I will have to do some research myself. it's amazing how Diana's caftan is color coordinated with her decor... I wonder if she planned that? At any rate I will have to feel into whether or not I need a caftan but I will explore the idea and who knows this 60 year old may just find one that looks great, makes me feel iconic and matches my home decor as well.