Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Number Fifty-two

Money Money Money!  Not your paycheck, or your tips, or the change in the car money but rather Mad Money.  It has only been in the last year that I have practiced having mad money.  I realize there could be a huge argument about hiding money from husband, but there have been huge arguments about me hiding purchases from my husband.  This way, I have some money put aside and when I see something I just can't live without, I can buy it with no impact on the family budget and everyone is happy.

A woman should also have a secret stash of cash hidden somewhere - preferably in her wallet, but perhaps in her lingerie drawer for an emergency.  What's an emergency?  Well, it could be, "I'm so damn mad at him that I'm going to stay the night in a hotel and make him worry."  (don't laugh, it's happened)  It could also be, "I NEED that necklace."  Granted, no one NEEDS the necklace, but because of the mad money, you can have it.  The list of uses for Mad Money could go on and on.

While the rules for using your Mad Money are very loose, the rule for replacing your Mad Money is carved in stone.  You must replace the money as soon as possible after you use it.  That's Nina's rule and I agree with her 150%.

My rule - You must also use it when you find the perfect thing you've always dreamed of having.  Remember the signet ring?   All thanks to Mad Money.  Ten down - ninety to go.