Thursday, April 22, 2010

Number Eight

For the first time, but not the only time, I have to report that number eight I something I don't own, have never owned and never will own.  The bikini.  Ms. Garcia is very quick to point out that wearing a bikini is more about confidence than a good figure.  I'm pretty damn confident but I need to reiterate; I have never, do not currently, nor will I ever own a bikini.

Wearing a bikini would mean that I would expose the world to "Melvin" and no one needs to see that.  (Melvin is the roll of fat on my lower belly and if I was wearing a bikini, I would have to lift Melvin up so that you could see the bikini bottom.)  I tell you this not because I want to hear things like, "Oh don't say that." or "You don't have a roll of fat."  I know my body and I know what does and doesn't look good on me and a bikini is one of them.

I think bikini's are fabulous and yes, wearing one is about confidence. I was in Greece a few years ago and remember an older women in a beautiful black bikini.  More importantly, she was beautiful in the bikini. She didn't have a knock out figure, her skin showed the signs of aging, she had a stretch-mark here and yet, she was beautiful.  She walked tall and owned her style.  That being said, I have seen a couple of people in bikini's where no amount of confidence could help.

Nonetheless, I just can't do it and knowing that is the cornerstone to making any man or woman stylish.  Learn about silhouettes and your body.  Quit obsessing over size - if it fits you and looks good on you - buy it!  And please, I beg you, stop walking around and saying things like, "I'm a fall  and can only wear pale beige and bluish reds."  For years my mother said I couldn't wear pink because I had red hair.  Pink is my most favorite color EVER! I finally started wearing it and when I do, I get lots of compliments.  Why?  Because it makes me happy and I feel good when I wear it; THAT is what makes a color or style look good on a person.

The bikini is a classic and very stylish!  But what is more classic and stylish, at least for me, is confidence.  I'll never feel confident in a bikini and therefore, I'll never own or wear one.

The bikini - number eight. Five down and ninety-five to go.


Ohen49 said...

After reading this, I immediately went to my bathing suit drawer. Yes, I have an entire drawer full of bathing suits (for every occassion, one piece speedos for swimming, several for hot tubbing and the bikinis for maximum exposure when I'm on the beach in Florida) Well, I counted the bikinis and yup, just as I thought, I have eight! Two black, one pink hawaiian print, one blue hawaiian print, one brown animal print, one red geometric print, one blue geometric print and one navy polka dot. When I was a kid and we moved to Florida I felt for the first time in my life I was in my element... the beach. Everyone and I mean everyone despite body type wore a bikini and so at 16 it was easy to don a bikini for the first time, head out to Pass-a-Grille beach and along with all my new girlfriends strut our stuff. I guess walking the beach in a pack gives one the initial confidence to then continue that ritual for life. I feel certain Michelle, that if you had walked the beach with all your girlfriends as I did back in the day you would have the confidence Nina is talking about and if you ever go to the Florida beaches and see some of the bodies that pour themselves into the smallest of bikinis you wouldn't think twice about it ever again.

Michelle Meeks said...

I love it Linda. My sister Brenda told me that she too would never own or wear a bikini but then she had to retract that statement. When she and my sisters were teenagers in Phoenix, my mom wouldn't buy them bikinis so by god, they made their own. She told me about her navy blue gingham check with with eyelet lace accents. She said it was adorable and she was darn cute in it too! I guess you never know. Maybe I'll find the right one and make sure I have my lipstick applied as well.