Friday, April 16, 2010

The One Hundred

There are a ton of "100's" out there but this one is different - Nina Garcia's "The One Hundred:  A Guide to the Pieces Every Stylish Woman Should Own" has become my new obsession or "kick" as my husband calls them.  This one is different and to quote my assistant Jennifer, "That's the most expensive book you've ever bought."  So true, so true.

My co-worker Carolyn told me about "The One Hundred" several months ago and thought I probably owned at least 80 of the pieces. I took that as a compliment and really never thought much more about it.  Yeah right.  Anyone that knows me knows when someone says something like that to me, I get to a computer or my phone as quickly as I can and Google it.  I did a search for "The 100" and Nina Garcia's book appeared.  (I guess at this point I must admit that I had no idea who Nina Garcia is which of course led to another Google search.)  As most of you know, Ms. Garcia was the editor of Elle magazine (she's currently the editor of Marie Claire), and judge on Project Runway.  The more I read about her, the more intrigued I became with the book and finally I broke down and purchased a used copy on Amazon.  Very BIG mistake!
The book arrived and I spent hours looking, reading and fondling every page of the book.  My first inclination was to check-off what I already owned but that inclination quickly passed with the urge to shop and shop I have!