Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Number Four

Aviators (i.e. pilot sunglasses).  Here's a confession, I am a sunglasses snob - that's Snob with a capital "S".  I've been wearing Ray-Ban and only Ray-Ban sunglasses since I could afford them.  (I'll define afford at a later date.)  I have not however, ever owned a pair of Ray-Ban Aviators (yes I know that other companies make Aviators, but that's not relevant).  I've really always wanted a pair, but they just never seemed to fit me - literally and figuratively.  By now, you know where this is going - me straight to the mall to find the perfect pair of Aviators.

Ray-Ban is the company that created the Aviator sunglasses for pilots in the Air Force.  In keeping with my purist ideals of brands of sunglasses one should own, I began seeking the perfect Ray-Ban Aviators.  I tried on ten different pairs, even switched over and tried on a pair of Ralph Lauren Aviators (what was I thinking?) and I still wasn't satisfied with the look or the feel.  Then, way in the back of the Ray-Ban tray, I saw a pair that somehow looked different.  The very young and very trendy salesgirl gave me a somewhat coy smile and gave me the glasses.  She said, "These are a little bit smaller than the original Aviators and they are polarized."  I was in heaven.

Polarized sunglasses are the equivalent of Valium - once you own a pair of polarized sunglasses, you'll never want to own plain old sunglasses.  So, once I overcame the cost of the perfect, polarized Ray-Ban, Aviators, I walked out of the mall a very happy woman.

Nina gives many examples of those who have made the Aviators famous and I say S-E-X-Y - Kate Hudson in Almost Famous, Tom Cruise AND Kelly McGillis in Top Gun.  That's exactly how Aviators make you feel - like a movie star. 

You do have to find the perfect pair and in my opinion, they must be Ray-Ban's. If you don't ever want to know the benefits or differences of polarized, don't ever even try a pair on.  One last thing, don't look at the price tag, just buy them.  (Reference Number Fifty-two - Mad Money) The Aviators are true classics.  I wear them everyday, know they will never be out of style, and know the quality is excellent.  Good choice Nina!

Number Four - Aviators.  Sixteen down - eighty-four to go.