Monday, May 17, 2010

Number Fifty

Ooooo...The LL Bean Tote Bag.  It's every preppy's dream tote bag.  I always, always, always wanted one and a few years ago I gave each of my girlfriends one for Christmas.  I didn't buy one for myself at the time, but I was so envious of my friends' gifts that I broke down around mid-January and purchased my own.   I only own one, but I think I'll purchase another.  (Who am I kidding, I'll be purchasing one as soon as I'm done writing this.)  It's summer and you can never have too many LL Bean totes.

Here are my rules for buying a tote. First, it must be from LL Bean and MUST be monogrammed.  If you have one that isn't monogrammed, it's worthless.  Second, you need to use it as a tote, not a handbag.  Even the smaller sizes are just too casual to be classified as a handbag.  Order the medium size or larger.  Third, pick a neutral color like navy, green or red for your first bag.  If you want a more exotic color, buy a second bag.  And last, but not least, please do not purchase the patterned totes.  I don't know why LL Bean chooses to make these, but they are not original and they are U-G-L-Y.

Nothing feels better than carrying my tote to music festivals full of books, warm clothes, and food.  It's the first thing I pack on a road trip because it holds all the things I can't travel without.  I also fold it up and pack it when I fly just in case I get a chance to go to the pool or a beach.  I absolutely love it and am so glad the tote is part of The One Hundred.

Number Fifty - The LL Bean Tote. Twenty-three down - seventy-seven to go.